On any given night, in clubs all over Nashville, talented country artists are performing their hearts out, hoping for that big break.  We work with their management teams to bring them to Athens, Tennessee for half-hour mini-concerts, which we record and then broadcast on Athens 101.7, WJSQ.

Our very first Music on the Menu was April 19th , 2010, was at Athens Diner, starring Tammy Cochran.  She lovingly referred to it as "MOM."  The artists are grateful for the exposure, and enjoy getting out and meeting the folks.  So, listen to 101.7 WJSQ for the date of our next live performance and be a part of our "studio audience."




They supply the sound for all of our events!

Samantha Landrum

Brittany McLamb

Lucas Hoge


Mitch Gallagher

Mandy Alexander

Susan Rose at Uncle Gus's

Matt Marinchick at Uncle Gus's

Tyler Barham at Uncle Gus's

Hannah Belle at The Outpost Pavilion

Marlee Scott at The Outpost Pavilion

Kelly McGrath at Uncle Gus's

Coy Taylor at Uncle Gus's

Buddy Jewell at Savannah Oaks Winery

Mockingbird Sun at The Outpost Pavilion

Amber Hayes at Moofest

Madonna Nash at Moofest

Shelly Rann at Uncle Gus's

Aly'An at Uncle Gus's

Sarah Turner at Uncle Gus's

D. J. Miller at Las Margaritas

Tommy Steele (left) at Las Margaritas

Tyler Barham at The Outpost Pavilion

Travis Powell at The Outpost Pavilion

Badhorse at the Outpost Pavilion

Bucky Covington and his twin brother, Rocky at Las Margaritas

Bradley Matthew at las Margaritas

Sean Patrick McGraw at Uncle Gus's

The Roys at Uncle Gus's

Rachel Holder at Las Margaritas

Jenny and Ashley at Las Margaritas


Karli Whetstone at Las Margaritas

Amber Hayes at Uncle Gus's


Anna Garrott and Lathan Moore at Las Margaritas

Chris Cavanaugh at Las Margaritas

Rachel Williams at Las Margaritas

Gwen Sebastian at Las Margaritas

Kenny Morris with Burns and Poe

Bill with Tammy Cochran

Bill with Savannah Jack


Marthia Sides at Uncle Gus's

Melanie Denard and James Allen Clark

Mark Cooke at Uncle Gus's

Jason Meadows at Uncle Gus's

Las Margaritas on Decatur Pike in Athens, TN

Uncle Gus's Mountain Pit Bar-B-Q, Route 304 in Ten Mile, TN